Tanning Without the Sun

The sun-kissed bronze look is one of the most sought-after looks in America, however, everybody knows about the damaging effect of sun exposure. It invites premature aging and destroys youthful skin cells.images

So, how do you get a lovely tan without destroying your skin?
Try a self-tanning lotion or a spray tan. This not only saves you from unnecessary sun exposure, but also gives you a smoother, lovelier tan.

Self-tanners work perfectly on exfoliated skin. Remember to use hand gloves to apply the tanner to avoid staining your fingers. Make sure to apply the product evenly over your entire body to avoid fair patches peeping from areas, giving you a funny look.

If you are using a spray, hold the nozzle at a distance of around six inches from your body. This is to avoid a patchy look. To spray at the back, hold the bottle at an angle.

Spray tans generally last around 10 days. These are great tools when you wish to stun the world with your bronze look at a special event like a wedding. It is important to choose a tan color that suits your natural skin tone. Too dark tan might give you an orange-ish color that doesn’t look appealing. Moreover, make sure that you don’t give yourself a burned-out look.


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