Save Your Skin from Its Biggest Enemy

You were proud of your flawless, beautiful skin when, one fine day, you noticed dark spots. Shocker! Well, these are aging spots. Official name- hyper-pigmentation. These spots are caused by sun exposure. Although they are harmless signs of aging, certain spots might signify skin cancer. So, before you start slathering on a cream, please get your skin examined by a doctor.sss

Dark spots make your skin appear older. They give a tint of dullness to your face. But don’t get disheartened since there are lots of skin care creams that can take care of these pigmented spots.

Certain top brands in the market today are offering excellent creams laced with just the right ingredients to target hyper-pigmentation. You must take care not to expose your skin directly to the sun while using these creams. The good thing about such formulations is that they come with in-built sunscreen. So, you need not slather on another layer of a separate sunscreen lotion.

Simple ways like wearing a hat that shadows your face or avoiding going out between 10 am and 4 pm when the sun is at its peak goes a long way in saving your skin from sun damage. You win half the battle against aging spots by protecting your skin from sun exposure. The rest your cream will do.


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