How a BB Cream Helps in Dealing with Dark Spots?


If you are among those few people in the world who never used a blemish balm, chances are that you do not know much about it. A BB cream is considered to be an all-in-one cream that takes care of most skin problems. It was invented by a German dermatologist who wanted to develop something that could cut down on the number of steps in everyday skin care process.


If you are thinking of using a blemish balm, it is important to be aware of its benefits and limitations. Its beneficial properties include:

Anti-aging – Most blemish balms include antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E that work towards slowing down the aging process.

Anti-acne – Blemish balms also claim to be effective on acne and pimples to an extent.

Moisturising – It also moisturises and nourishes the skin, keeping it supple and healthy.

Toning – You can also let go of your toning solutions if you are using a good blemish balm such as Hydroxatone.

Sun Protection – Most BB lotions act as a sunscreen, so you don’t need to worry about carrying too many creams in your bag.

Perfect Finish – Now that’s what most people use BB creams for. They give you the perfect finish by concealing all blemishes and adding a tinge of lustre and shine to the skin, just like a foundation.


Yes, they’d rather be referred to as limitations than side effects. It is understandable that a product that offers so many benefits, will not necessarily deliver everything to perfection. A BB cream is usually good at providing good instant finish and protection from the sun, but not so effective at fighting acne and pimples, or toning for that matter. It will take good care of the skin, but you still might need a separate moisturiser and toner.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind while choosing and using a blemish balm lotion and you won’t be disappointed.


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